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Social Media Exhaustion

Last December an odd feeling began flowing through my veins; a sense of general unease occupied my mind and I could not shake it off. It was not the usual pre-Christmas blues, but rather a deep rooted nausea. First it seemed like a minor fatigue – a headache, which can not really be localised, but you know, it is “right there”. Then it got stronger, like a constant sound in the ears, you can notice specifically, when it is quiet around.

Finally I realised, that the general unease, I was feeling, was related to my social media usage – in particular […]

International Women´s Day is a new holiday in Berlin

Irmhild Böll, 1970´s So, we have a new “official public holiday” in Berlin. The 8th of March – #IWD2019. A few months ago, the Senate of Berlin chose to use “International Women´s Day / IWD” for the one new holiday, it was planning to introduce, in order to have a similar amount of free days like other German states (Bavaria used to have 3 more work free days than Berlin). Of course, there have been all kinds of discussions and many arguments against it, but I think, it was […]

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The #digitization of society is not something new anymore. We are already in midst of its development. For quite some time, it is not anymore the question if we ar entering the “digital age” as information society, but how.

Observing the modern life around as well as analysing my own work flow leads me to the task, occasionally pinpointing at selected topics. Questions of media consumption as well as descriptions of SaaS (what is that?) are as interesting as our own #socialmedia usage or the latest #robotics developments.

With digital devices and services growing evermore into our daily lives, […]

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#rp17 -roaming around re:publica

img_6207.jpgRoaming around in the halls of re:publica / Media Convention Berlin, I wonder how much lines of text are filled with words of banalities, when only occasionally, interesting insights show up in the steady stream of tweets, posts and messages. Not that I criticize in any kind of way the possibility to freely express our thoughts via the brave new digital media world- this often is a liberating individual experience – however, how much did we already become actors in […]

resistance reading list

No, this performance of #LoserDrumpf in front of Congress has not been “presidential”. It was just a distraction and a “better performance than before”. That´s all! They start performing according to show business expectations – and that makes them even more dangerous…Takei-170302

This administration will not change its nationalistic backwards agenda. Be aware and stay alert! This is one main motto in Aldous Huxley´s novel “Island”, which reminds me of the necessary reading list in times of #resistance, including – of course – all works of Hannah Arendt.

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Editor´s Note…

Dear readers,

since the creation of this website / blog has already over 2 years have passed. It has turned out that the separation into 2 parallel pages German / English is not particularly practical. We have therefore begun an overhaul that will improve this Internet presence hopefully soon. Until then (and if you understand German), we encourage you to change the selected language in the menu, as some posts are hidden in the other blog. Thank you very much.

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Florence Kasumba – online presence

Florence Kasumba © Janine Guldener

After a last meeting yesterday, the conceptual project to develop an online presence for the German actress Florence Kasumba is nearly finished. Tomorrow her website www.florencekasumba.com will be online. This has been a cooperation with the web design studio Pixel & Mehr, which worked very well. Already online is the new Vimeo page of Florence, which in cooperation with her own facebook page and IMDB profile will (for now) […]

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The „Soul of Europe“

The „Soul of Europe“ includes solidarity, respect and tolerance



Started by a strong speech by European Parliament President Martin Schulz, the 2nd day of the conference about “Europe, its values, its citizens” continued to be an interesting collection of many initiatives, ideas and specific examples of citizen participation.

Now, with the current refugees challenge, Europe needs to prove itself in many ways and is forced to come to terms with its own identity. As Doris Pack, former chair of the cultural & education committee in […]

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Discussing the European Soul 

A Soul for Europe conference 2015 – Day1

The Conference started today in Berlin with a special pre-conference with a focus on the current #refugees challenge in European cities.

Since over 10 years, this conference is a meeting point for initiatives working together FOR Europe while understanding that culture is a driving factor in the positive support of the European idea. This is an exchange of people, who are taking a stand against any nationalistic tendencies. We, who believe in the European idea are now required to speak out against the deniers of the benefits of open borders within the EU.

However – […]

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