Peace be with you!

This greeting, which exists in the most different variations and religious expressions, is consciously chosen. We human beings have a responsibility for each other and for our planet, which we can only really realize in peace and freedom.

I am a 100% European and believe in the honest values of functioning democracies, which can be found in the best constitutions and principles around the world. (see e.g.: Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

As a “culture person“, my main interest is for the arts, literature & culture, but I have also been interested in “digital change” for over 20 years, since I started my first blog attempts back in 1999 and since the turn of the millennium – at the time of the first Internet boom – when I was “Executive Director of Business Development” for an US-Israeli start-up in New York City, where I lived for 12 years.

In New York & Long Island I had founded two companies and for some years I had realized the “American Dream” with family, house, children, garden, a dog and cats, but I had also recognized and experienced the cracks and various problems in the society of the USA – including a deep-rooted racism.

Very young I began to travel the world and have later – as a “business man” and “brand ambassador” worked with clients in over 35 countries in Asia and Europe. In addition to the practical relationship with the USA, I have a love for France and, for some years now, also for Japan; democracies which, like Germany, have a long-term responsibility to uphold human dignity and human rights on this earth and to work for an ecologically sustainable future – even if the governments of these countries act in some phases quite contrary.

This makes it all the more important for us as citizens of these countries to work for positive change.

Not only as a father of many children I therefore see my responsibility to write, curate information and share knowledge. My topics can be found on this website and in some social media.

Life writes its own stories and a human walks, stumbles, falls down, stands up again – sometimes he suffers, sometimes he despairs; sometimes he rejoices, falls in love, marvels at the wonders of nature and the universe…

After many experiences and adventures I rather arrived there: with a lively reverence for creation and an impatient curiosity to learn more, to know more and to create.

You can find out what I am currently up to on the NOW page.

I am also happy to occasionally / still act as an “Inspirator” who discovers “core statements” and develops potentials in a direct dialogue with proven methods – these are “services” in a selected and holistic framework.

If you want to know more, you can find me in some social networks – or write me an email directly. I always answer (although maybe only after some time) – unless it is spam, unworthy or stupid.


Wigbert Boell


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