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The New European Bauhaus

A project of hope, change and economic transformation

New European Bauhaus“This is what the New European Bauhaus is all about. It is about hope. It is about inspiration. It is about new perspectives. And it’s about concrete actions against climate change.” (Ursula von der Leyen)

The #NewEuropeanBauhaus is off to a good start. After the introduction in September 2020 by the European Commission, enthusiasm and ideas were already flourishing. With the recent conference (April 22 & 23, 2021)
the initiative presented itself as a possible driving factor for necessary change from deep […]

November 9th – On this day …

Thoughts on November 9th … It is now 31 years after the #FalloftheWall – and I will never forget my own story, as I was there, when the wall came down.

So much hope & joy were shared on that day in Berlin and around the world. The spontaneous city-wide party went on for days and only slowly the difficult tasks of a new reality settled in. Those were crazy days, as change happened so fast – and I remember very well, that I was often thinking, it was maybe too fast. Many careful voices – especially the ones of […]

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Quo vadis, USA?

a commentary 4 days before the election

With just a few more days before the election of the next US president, I wonder, how still now many people can not recognize the doom they are marching towards, when giving the “big loser” a second time a vote – even as he did not really win the first time around either.

USA Flag - no justice - no peace Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unsplash

My own audio recording from 2016 (when I heard the news in the morning) is a 10 […]

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The digital transformation of society is nothing new anymore. We are already in the midst of its development. It is not anymore the question IF we are entering the “digital age” as a (former) “information society”, but HOW.

 Observing modern life all around me makes me realize certain particularities and patterns, while at the same time the analysis of my own daily work-flow and social interactions leads me to occasionally pinpointing selected topics. These can be questions of media consumption as well as descriptions of SaaS (what is that?), […]

International Women´s Day is a new holiday in Berlin

Irmhild Böll, 1970´s So, we have a new “official public holiday” in Berlin. The 8th of March – #IWD2019. A few months ago, the Senate of Berlin chose to use “International Women´s Day / IWD” for the one new holiday, it was planning to introduce, in order to have a similar amount of free days like other German states (Bavaria used to have 3 more work free days than Berlin). Of course, there have been all kinds of discussions and many arguments against it, but I think, it was […]

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The „Soul of Europe“

The „Soul of Europe“ includes solidarity, respect and tolerance



Started by a strong speech by European Parliament President Martin Schulz, the 2nd day of the conference about “Europe, its values, its citizens” continued to be an interesting collection of many initiatives, ideas and specific examples of citizen participation.

Now, with the current refugees challenge, Europe needs to prove itself in many ways and is forced to come to terms with its own identity. As Doris Pack, former chair of the cultural & education committee in […]

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Discussing the European Soul 

A Soul for Europe conference 2015 – Day1

The Conference started today in Berlin with a special pre-conference with a focus on the current #refugees challenge in European cities.

Since over 10 years, this conference is a meeting point for initiatives working together FOR Europe while understanding that culture is a driving factor in the positive support of the European idea. This is an exchange of people, who are taking a stand against any nationalistic tendencies. We, who believe in the European idea are now required to speak out against the deniers of the benefits of open borders within the EU.

However – […]

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    November 9th – On this day …

    Thoughts on November 9th … It is now 31 years after the #FalloftheWall – and I will never forget my own story, as I was there, when the wall came …

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