the loss of my global townsquare

from twitter to mastodon? … well, how does this feel like?

“This is the beginning of the end for twitter!” say many and leave – either completely or with a packed bag, while simultaneously opening accounts on or even starting alternative ideas.

And yes, this is what it feels like – the declining end.  A narcissistic egomaniac with arrogant attitude buys a social network and thinks, he can change it “on the fly” without a plan or strategy, because – well, because he can just throw money around and doesn’t care.

Who is your core audience ?

In the incredible amount of chatter, running through the digital airwaves, it is always good to pause and ask, why do I write these lines?. Are these lines important enough to share with the world? But then , who is “the world”?

It is an illusion to assume, that “the world” is reading my lines. Even with thousands of followers or fans, every message-sender will only receive a small percentage of views, likes or shares — and then, did the content really matter?

There are many tips, tools and methods to enhance your social output. One of them reads, to publish many […]

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