Welcome – Nice to have you here!

Here on this site >boell.com< you currently find a growing collection of articles, posts, ideas, thoughts and old publications – mainly on the topics “culture“, “media” and “digital life” – sometimes it is also about “politics“, “communication”; “marketing” or “business” for start-ups.

Current activities are at the moment easier to find via linktr.ee/wigbert & the NOW page.

At the moment there is unfortunately quite some disorder, which is due to a systemic error in the bilingual structure of the website (de / en). Of course this should be fixed >as soon as possible<, but who knows when “OPS” will have time, as we already know since Chief O´Brien about the chronic overload of the “engineering teams” …

Anyway, if you are reading these lines, you might want to come back and visit again, because something new is happening here quite often, albeit still irregularly.

Otherwise, my activities are relatively easy to find in other places on the web or the “social networks”. There it is also easy to “make contact” or (still) use: “biz (at) boell (dot) com“.

Sincerely, your

Wigbert Boell

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