November 9th – On this day …

Thoughts on November 9th … It is now 31 years after the #FalloftheWall – and I will never forget my own story, as I was there, when the wall came down.

So much hope & joy were shared on that day in Berlin and around the world. The spontaneous city-wide party went on for days and only slowly the difficult tasks of a new reality settled in. Those were crazy days, as change happened so fast – and I remember very well, that I was often thinking, it was maybe too fast. Many careful voices – especially the ones of […]

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Quo vadis, USA?

a commentary 4 days before the election

With just a few more days before the election of the next US president, I wonder, how still now many people can not recognize the doom they are marching towards, when giving the “big loser” a second time a vote – even as he did not really win the first time around either.

USA Flag - no justice - no peace Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unsplash

My own audio recording from 2016 (when I heard the news in the morning) is a 10 […]

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resistance reading list

No, this performance of #LoserDrumpf in front of Congress has not been “presidential”. It was just a distraction and a “better performance than before”. That´s all! They start performing according to show business expectations – and that makes them even more dangerous…Takei-170302

This administration will not change its nationalistic backwards agenda. Be aware and stay alert! This is one main motto in Aldous Huxley´s novel “Island”, which reminds me of the necessary reading list in times of #resistance, including – of course – all works of Hannah Arendt.

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