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Just stumbled upon this “web-report” about “the potential of the creative economy” from the Forum d´Avignon, reviewing various recent reports and summaries on the status of the creative industries around the world, including the very interesting UNESCO Creative Economy Report 2013.

It is said too much that culture is expensive by forgetting that it does bring a lot too. Study after study, its impact is estimated in terms […]

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From cultural diversity to cultural pluralism

It became a habit of mine, to regularly re-read the “Declaration of Cultural Diversity” every couple of month. While we all know, that politicians sometimes use a very vague language and that the UN – which is based on compromise – in particular has had the tendency to water down firm statements, the declaration is a clear notice of the importance of cultural diversity. Proclaimed by the General Conference of the UNESCO in November 2001, the declaration and its 20 points of the annexed action plan are still valid today and I […]

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