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Just stumbled upon this “web-report” about “the potential of the creative economy” from the Forum d´Avignon, reviewing various recent reports and summaries on the status of the creative industries around the world, including the very interesting UNESCO Creative Economy Report 2013.

It is said too much that culture is expensive by forgetting that it does bring a lot too. Study after study, its impact is estimated in terms […]

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Who is your core audience ?

In the incredible amount of chatter, running through the digital airwaves, it is always good to pause and ask, why do I write these lines?. Are these lines important enough to share with the world? But then , who is “the world”?

It is an illusion to assume, that “the world” is reading my lines. Even with thousands of followers or fans, every message-sender will only receive a small percentage of views, likes or shares — and then, did the content really matter?

There are many tips, tools and methods to enhance your social output. One of them reads, to publish many […]

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