The advantage of my age is knowledge and experience – as well as focus. When the available individual life-time gets shorter, one gets allergic to “wasting time”. So, I chose projects, which excite me and/ or which seems “important for the world”.

With the services, I provide, I would like to inspire. To be an Inspirator means, to be able to assist in the discovery of ideas, potentials, strategies or projects. Basically, I help to develop and “write the story”- for individuals, start-ups or SMEs.

I achieve this through an intense dialog over a short period of time. Talks, which may feel like a relaxed chat with an old friend – yet they are still directed towards one goal: finding the underlying driving factors and answering all “Why?” questions as fundamentally as possible.

Some areas, where this has worked well in the past are below. This is a much older list, but still somewhat valid. Today, I may not do all of this anymore – but I draw a lot from these experiences.

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(last update: 2022-05)



brand, media, marketing & communications

Communication is the basis of every relationship. A company or an organization, project or start-up has to decide to what extent and through which channels a vision, goals and objectives are not only communicated one-way, but also create opportunities to listen and engage in a dialogue. Through clear positioning and authenticity, messages and emotions will connect with a brand that represent the communicator.

start- up check-up & entrepreneur therapy 

Feedback, criticism, guidance and reflection are the virtues of an advisor with which he can connect an entrepreneur, founder or visionary to their roots. is a sparring partner, who combines a pragmatic modern realism with a supportive, individual accompaniment that develops potentials.

online identity & web presence

In our modern world, the digital business card is a fact from which many people are still excluded and some voluntarily reduce participation; but businesses, organizations and the majority are already in the matrix. The question now is how do I design these identities, avatars, a web presence? Which channels will I use? What is my brand, my message? What are the connections in between them? And how can I control the whole online presence for me, my project or my institution, so that it makes sense overall?

representation & networking

More than ever, the digital development in recent years has proven the importance of personal networks and how vital it is to make connections. The art of bringing the right partners together requires – beside everything the Internet has to offer – also physical encounters, real conversations or other traditional old-time methods of communication.


(not just a footnote…) All terms on this web site are of course meant as human terms, and thus include any group or minority.

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