The #digitization of society is not something new anymore. We are already in midst of its development. For quite some time, it is not anymore the question if we ar entering the “digital age” as information society, but how.

    Observing the modern life around as well as analysing my own work flow leads me to the task, occasionally pinpointing at selected topics. Questions of media consumption as well as descriptions of SaaS (what is that?) are as interesting as our own #socialmedia usage or the latest #robotics developments.

    With digital devices and services growing evermore into our daily lives, how much is our #privacy and data #security affected? To what degree are we giving up our control and sovereignty of our own information and lives due to convenience?
    Yet, when navigating through the floods of information and the variety of choices, we may find some truly useful products & services, which not only can serve us well – privately and professionally – but also may be more in line with our needs and values than other popular choices, which are more popular or marketed more intensely toward us. Basically it is like chosing a wine according to our own taste out of the incredible amount of possibilities.

    No, we will not forget how still the majority of the world is excluded from much of our digital lifestyle. This topic is one of various important ones for our global society and can be categorized as Development Communications with the framework of the SDG – Sustainable Development Goals.

    With the slow revitalisation of this blog, our first topic will be the usage of messenger services, coming up in October 2017.