What I am doing NOW …

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Establishing the Culture Journal, which is a newsletter focusing on “Culture & Europe” – mostly for people from the field and/ or Cultural Creatives. It is a way to present and communicate curated information from the Cultural & Creative Industries (CCI) in Europe about #CulturalHeritage, cultural policies, events and more.

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Purposely spending much time with my parents, who are both around 90. Time is so precious and I am grateful for these moments.

Reviving and intensifying my professional networking after many years in sleep mode.

Preparing other publishing projects, while waiting for the publication date of “Nachhaltigkeit im Blut …” (sustainability inside …) in the anthology “Kultur:Wandel” (culture:transformation).

Replanning again for a thorough revision of this web site with the goal to finally get it set up and designed as I want to. For much too long, this site has been a compromise between “old business ideas” and “a new self” as author & “Kultur-Mensch”.

Struggling, but not giving up with daily exercise, based on the “5 Tibetans” – a simple 2500 year-old ritual of 5 different exercises, which even middle-aged people like me can easily perform every day.

Always wondering and learning, how to keep the creative focus in this incredible limited time on earth, full of distractions, family fun, parenting responsibilities, friend-duty, old shadows, self-improvement or bureaucratic necessities.


This is a NOW pageinspired by Derek Sivers and a personal contemplation about some thoughts of Eckhart Tolle


So, WHY this NOW page ?

Always interesting, how persistent inner doubts can be. Before finally setting up this page, I asked myself many times: “why am I doing this?”, “why should I present publicly / “out there” / “to the world” what I am working on, what I am thinking about?”

Some of the reasons have been summarised by the idea´s originator (why you should have a now page), yet my personal reasons are simple:

* to connect with like-minded people (who may stumble upon this page)
* to commit myself to these tasks/ goals/ projects below (as a friendly self-reminder)
* to be authentic (this is (part of) me (right now))

There is a multitude of details behind each bullet point, but I think, you get the picture. It is about honesty and straightforwardness. This is what I am doing right now / in these times and if YOU are interested in it, please feel free to connect.

There are of course other things, I am doing – privately and professionally – but this here is my “public self”, for which I consciously chose, what parts I show…

Wigbert Boell


created October 2020 / last update: May 2022 in Berlin


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