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So, today is a special day, a special date. Independent of HOW you are writing your date – if the American way: 02.20.2002, the European Way, 20.02.2020 or the Japanese way: 2020-02-02 – fact is, that this accumulation of the numbers 2 and 0 is at the very least a pleasant sight, a joy for the aesthetic senses, always in search of harmony and symmetric balances.


Numerology claims, that “…the number 2 is a sensual, graceful, loyal partner who can be a bit demanding, but is […]

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The Sacred Science

Just finished >skip-watching< the sacred science, a documentary about …”eight people from all different walks of life, with varying physical and psychological ailments, as they embark on a one-month healing journey into the heart of the Amazon jungle.” Having tried conventional western health science for years, the journey to traditional, indigenous, shamanic healing art is their last hope.
While filming, editing, sound etc. are not the very best and filmmaker Nick Polizzi could have let the healers present even more of their techniques, the subject of […]

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