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img_6207.jpgRoaming around in the halls of re:publica / Media Convention Berlin, I wonder how much lines of text are filled with words of banalities, when only occasionally, interesting insights show up in the steady stream of tweets, posts and messages. Not that I criticize in any kind of way the possibility to freely express our thoughts via the brave new digital media world- this often is a liberating individual experience – however, how much did we already become actors in a transforming […]

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finishing the basics

Writing the basic pages for this web site. It feels good to summarize most of the research work of the last few months. Clarifying, what type of services boell.com does offer and pouring this knowledge into the right words, so that a reader, partner, prospective customer will quickly understand, what our services are all about and how they can benefit.

However, adjustment work will never be done. This web site is as much a work in progress as the services itself will always be changing with the developments of our modern digital society.

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