work in progress

    Hi there…

    This Website is currently a work in progress

    “If you have been here before, you may notice things shifting. We are working on our website. In fact, we may be working at this very moment, just as you are reading these very words. Things of value take time to grow, and their living evolution can be an integral part of their beauty. When is something finished, anyway?”

    When I stumbled upon this quote  some time ago – originally via – I thought, it does also fit very well the current state of boell-com.

    At the moment there is unfortunately quite some disorder here, which is due to a systemic error in the bilingual structure of the website (de / en). Of course this should be fixed >as soon as possible<, but who knows when “OPS” will have time, as we already know since Chief O´Brien about the chronic overload of the “engineering teams” in the brave new digital world.

    Thank You for the patience and understanding.