So, today is a special day, a special date. Independent of HOW you are writing your date – if the American way: 02.20.2002, the European Way, 20.02.2020 or the Japanese way: 2020-02-02 – fact is, that this accumulation of the numbers 2 and 0 is at the very least a pleasant sight, a joy for the aesthetic senses, always in search of harmony and symmetric balances.


    Numerology claims, that “…the number 2 is a sensual, graceful, loyal partner who can be a bit demanding, but is worth the trouble…” – the 2 is “the most feminine among all numbers”, whose “strength and power is resilient and lasting.” 

    The number 0 stands for the infinite, for beginning and end, as well as for the strengthening of any other number it appears close to. For 2020 this would mean a double increase effect on the number 2, which also stands for balance and harmony, yet also for duality…

    It doesn’t really matter, if you believe in a certain inherent magic of numbers or not. While you can find many different interpretations on the meaning of the numbers and its significance on the life of us humans – there are certain common and eternal statements from different centuries and cultural traditions:: if the number 0 resembles a circle, it is quite logical, that it symbolises also for example “time without beginning and end” (isn’t this also, why we exchange rings during a wedding ceremony?). 

    While numbers habe a clear mathematical significance, their interpretations origin in different cultural traditions. Their mythical value may thus not be surprising, as Joseph Campbell wrote: 

    “All cultures have grown out of myths. They are founded on myths. – What these myths have given has been inspiration for aspiration.”

    “Myth helps you to put your mind in touch with the experience of being alive.”

    And if you may be vehemently opposed against any “meaning” of the numbers, at the very least, you may acknowledge its openness to interpretation, because numbers are signs, and a “A sign is not only something which stands for something else; it is also something that can and must be interpreted”, as the late semiotician Umberto Eco wrote. 

    So, as I like to encourage people in general, to utilise symbols, anniversaries, birthdays or other moments of personal significance as a moment of reflection – as well It may just make sense to pause for a moment today and to appreciate the uniqueness of this date 2020-02-02. 

    And if you may have missed this date, don’t worry, this month, the February of the year 2020 has a few more special dates: The 20th and the 22nd. 

    2020 - a new decade Actually, this year 2020 has at least 12 unique dates, namely every month on the 20th, as for example the 2020-03-20. This Year is special. The last time, we have had a doubling two-digit year was in 1919 – and the next time will be in 2121 – so it is quite safe to say, that most of us humans will experience such year only once in their lifetime (unless, you are lucky to live for 101 years or more). 

    And if you read this article only a few years later, don’t worry, this decade – the 20´s, no, actually the 2020´s – offer more chances: we will have the year 2022 coming up – or you may chose a date like 2025-05-02 for your personal celebration. 

    For me, who was born on a 22nd, the number 2 and “the 20´s” have had always a special meaning and I am looking forward to my personal story in this decade, as I marked already various future dates as my own personal reflection days.