How private is my online identity?

    Wondering today, how much (more) I should present myself publicly online. This is not an easy question for a self-employed professional, who is dependent on networking connections and online showcasing.

    On the one hand, there are the privacy advocated, who rightfully criticize the fact, that every digital move leaves traces, which are picked up by spying organizations like the NSA or corporate giants like Google; on the other hand, there are the happy matrix-citizens, who live seemingly oblivious to the fact, that their latest failed attempt of jumping hurdles may only satisfy their own exhibitionistic desire and end up on some internet funny pages.

    But what for the rest of us? What if we actually just want to use the social networks for our own needs, which is to communicate, to share interesting stuff and to inform people of our services? What if I do not want to see cat pictures or prank vines in my facebook news stream?
    Everybody, who scratches just the surface of the social media inside structures, quickly realizes, that educated use of the networks does require a constant fine adjustment of its settings AND regular evaluation of one´s own usage.

    There is no question, how important social media became for celebrities, artists and public figures, because they can communicate directly with their fans and followers; the usage is equally important for many professionals, who depend on every way possible to find and win new clients – however, this clearly opens the critical question: how much of my private interests, likes and ideas do I present online and in which networks, in order not to dilute or confuse my professional image? How private is my online identity?

    Let me know your thoughts via e-mail or twitter @wigbert.