This here is just a friendly reminder for everybody interested in the #culture field, that #Berlin is installing a culture-budget of almost €1 Billion in the year 2024 for its thriving culture-scene.

    Berlin’s Senator for Culture has announced an enormous culture fund for 2024, which will go toward adding 500 new cultural spaces across the city, Euronews reports.

    The move is part of a working project from Joe Chialo, the State Minister for Culture and Social Cohesion, who has pledged to continue upping the culture fund with hopes for a €1 billion budget in 2025.

    The project has increased this year by €13 million up to a whopping €947 million (£813 million) – more than double that of the culture fund for the entirety of England in 2024.

    The fund will go toward adding 500 cultural spaces including clubs, venues, theatres, and museums to Berlin’s current 2,000 cultural venues, with a goal to double the amount of state-owned cultural space by 2030.

    Funding will also be put into the renovation and expansion of the Komische Oper, a famous opera house and theatre off Brandenburger Tor.


    maybe this information can help you in talks with supporters, sponsors or local politicians, because

    we always need more culture – everywhere!



    photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash