this week…

    It is UN week in NewYork. On the one hand, this means a multitude of security measures for the city, but on the other hand, NYC will still function as usual in its never-ending dynamic activity, which is accompanied by a unique buzzing sound. Whoever has lived in the city, knows, what I mean.

    So this week will see some more discussions on possible peace talks for Syria, which will most likely not yet cover at all a protection of the countries rich cultural heritage. This is as much in danger, as it has been in Iraq or Afghanistan, only this time, we know about it almost before it happens, thanks to social media voices, who come from “the locals”: “normal” people, who in the middle of chaos are trying to protect their own tradition – their people´s heritage. (for example: the community initiative MyEgypt, which is doing something similar in Egypt and the somewhat successful fundraising efforts for the Timbuktu Libraries in Mali)

    This week will also see political talks in Germany to form a new government after “Queen Angela´s” convinving election victory yesterday. These talks will have also its meaning for Europe – but I wonder, how it will effect the cultural policies.