International Women´s Day is a new holiday in Berlin

Irmhild Böll, 1970´s So, we have a new “official public holiday” in Berlin. The 8th of March – #IWD2019. A few months ago, the Senate of Berlin chose to use “International Women´s Day / IWD” for the one new holiday, it was planning to introduce, in order to have a similar amount of free days like other German states (Bavaria used to have 3 more work free days than Berlin). Of course, there have been all kinds of discussions and many arguments against it, but I think, it was […]

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Discussing the European Soul 

A Soul for Europe conference 2015 – Day1

The Conference started today in Berlin with a special pre-conference with a focus on the current #refugees challenge in European cities.

Since over 10 years, this conference is a meeting point for initiatives working together FOR Europe while understanding that culture is a driving factor in the positive support of the European idea. This is an exchange of people, who are taking a stand against any nationalistic tendencies. We, who believe in the European idea are now required to speak out against the deniers of the benefits of open borders within the EU.

However – […]

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The Sacred Science

Just finished >skip-watching< the sacred science, a documentary about …“eight people from all different walks of life, with varying physical and psychological ailments, as they embark on a one-month healing journey into the heart of the Amazon jungle.“ Having tried conventional western health science for years, the journey to traditional, indigenous, shamanic healing art is their last hope.
While filming, editing, sound etc. are not the very best and filmmaker Nick Polizzi could have let the healers present even more of their techniques, the subject […]

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