Discussing the European Soul 

A Soul for Europe conference 2015 – Day1

The Conference started today in Berlin with a special pre-conference with a focus on the current #refugees challenge in European cities.

Since over 10 years, this conference is a meeting point for initiatives working together FOR Europe while understanding that culture is a driving factor in the positive support of the European idea. This is an exchange of people, who are taking a stand against any nationalistic tendencies. We, who believe in the European idea are now required to speak out against the deniers of the benefits of open borders within the EU.

However – […]

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cultural policy discussions: cultural funding in Europe

With the goal of discovering different ways of cultural funding in Europe, the Berliner Festspiele started a talk series (four Mondays), called „It needn´t be this way! (Es geht auch anders!)„, focusing on the changes of cultural funding structures and on how „…political processes, institutions and artists as well as production processes (are) organised…“ in some neighboring European countries.

The first talk has been about the (music) theater scene in (Flemish) Belgium. Even after 30 minutes of history lessons by the four guests, I – as a neutral listener – did […]

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