„Wir Blauen haben nichts gegen Frauen in der Politik“

Mal schnell zwischendurch nur dieses Zitat von der Kölner Karneval Grösse Toni Geller, der schon lange vor Frauke Petry „die Blauen“ gegründet hat…BlaueParteiAus einer Büttenrede, die man hier nachhören kann (3 min.) stammt das Zitat:

„…Wir Blauen haben nichts gegen Frauen in der Politik…“

Weitere Büttenreden gibt es auf YouTube.

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resistance reading list

No, this performance of #LoserDrumpf in front of Congress has not been „presidential“. It was just a distraction and a „better performance than before“. That´s all! They start performing according to show business expectations – and that makes them even more dangerous…Takei-170302

This administration will not change its nationalistic backwards agenda. Be aware and stay alert! This is one main motto in Aldous Huxley´s novel „Island“, which reminds me of the necessary reading list in times of #resistance, including – of course – all works of Hannah Arendt.

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this week…

It is UN week in NewYork. On the one hand, this means a multitude of security measures for the city, but on the other hand, NYC will still function as usual in its never-ending dynamic activity, which is accompanied by a unique buzzing sound. Whoever has lived in the city, knows, what I mean.

So this week will see some more discussions on possible peace talks for Syria, which will most likely not yet cover at all a protection of the countries rich cultural heritage. This is as much in danger, as it has been in Iraq or Afghanistan, only this […]

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