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No, this performance of #LoserDrumpf in front of Congress has not been „presidential“. It was just a distraction and a „better performance than before“. That´s all! They start performing according to show business expectations – and that makes them even more dangerous…Takei-170302

This administration will not change its nationalistic backwards agenda. Be aware and stay alert! This is one main motto in Aldous Huxley´s novel „Island“, which reminds me of the necessary reading list in times of #resistance, including – of course – all works of Hannah Arendt.

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A quote from Goethe ?

The incredible amount of hoaxes, half-truths and lies circulating around the Internet, being shared and re-shared is sometimes hard to bear. Who takes the time and the diligence to really check a source or questions the origin of anything popping up in the newsfeed or inbox?
Having grown up in a time, when scientific work needed to be proven and quotes were only valid, when a source were given, I am usually suspicious of any quote, which doesn´t sound quite right, especially if you can not find the quote in the original […]

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