I was there (when the wall came down)

In a few days, Germany and most of the world will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall. For me this is the right time to dig into some old photo albums and remember the days in November 1989. W.Boell - Nov.89 I was there. Right at that time, when history was written. The 9th of November was my first day at a TV-production company in West-Berlin. I was planning to do a few weeks internship as part of my communication & film studies. Little […]

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Happy Birthday, www !

Did you know, that the World Wide Web turns 25 these days? Yes, there has been a time before the internet and people my age do remember.

For a quick and interesting overview of the history of the net, read this article, published on a blog of a new website service company – both terms, which one could hardly envision in 1989.

Curious about the original document & team members? Go to -> the archive of CERN (the original „project“)

And then you can read, how the inventor Tim Berners-Lee

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