„Wir Blauen haben nichts gegen Frauen in der Politik“

Mal schnell zwischendurch nur dieses Zitat von der Kölner Karneval Grösse Toni Geller, der schon lange vor Frauke Petry „die Blauen“ gegründet hat…BlaueParteiAus einer Büttenrede, die man hier nachhören kann (3 min.) stammt das Zitat:

„…Wir Blauen haben nichts gegen Frauen in der Politik…“

Weitere Büttenreden gibt es auf YouTube.

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Florence Kasumba – online presence

Florence Kasumba © Janine Guldener

After a last meeting yesterday, the conceptual project to develop an online presence for the German actress Florence Kasumba is nearly finished. Tomorrow her website www.florencekasumba.com will be online. This has been a cooperation with the web design studio Pixel & Mehr, which worked very well. Already online is the new Vimeo page of Florence, which in cooperation with her own facebook page and IMDB profile will (for now) serve as her (controlled) online […]

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A quote from Goethe ?

The incredible amount of hoaxes, half-truths and lies circulating around the Internet, being shared and re-shared is sometimes hard to bear. Who takes the time and the diligence to really check a source or questions the origin of anything popping up in the newsfeed or inbox?
Having grown up in a time, when scientific work needed to be proven and quotes were only valid, when a source were given, I am usually suspicious of any quote, which doesn´t sound quite right, especially if you can not find the quote in the original […]

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