Here are some very short explanations of selected terms I use throughout my website.

I started this list in 2013 to reflect my approach to services and writings.

This remains a work-in-progress, as new terms may be added occasionally.



Avatar, online identity , web presence …
are all terms that deal with the issue of identity in the digital world. In our context, it is interesting how a) a controlled self-presentation can be professionally created and b) how this is then strategically utilized in digital communications. The management of this area is often referred to as “online identity management“.

The use of the term “online identity” seems to be the most practical, because it usually has a counterpart in the real world. The terms “digital” or “virtual identity” refer often also to identities acting under a pseudonym or anonymously. An “avatar ” is most of the time a graphical representation (real or anonymous).

In addition to the much-discussed issues of security and privacy these terms will remain part of our ongoing discussion.

Communicator :
a term used in communication sciences that identifies the “sender” of a message. Vital in our understanding is the concept of “two -way communication,” which comes from the mass media research and stresses the importance of mutual exchange.

We believe that each of our customers needs a healthy solution and strategy for interactive communication through all channels.

Entrepreneur therapy :
Individual coaching sessions for entrepreneurs, business owners and other leading personalities.
Pressure, lack of time and expectations are obstacles that prevent a healthy digestion of work-tasks. Rarely one finds an opportunity to take an objective look at the situation of the “person in the enterprise”. It is therefore particularly important to find ways to take the mind off, to reflect on the situation and to control ones own work-life balance .

My coaching sessions have the quality of friendly conversations that calm the mind and bring forth new ideas and solutions (the word ” therapy ” refers to the preventive measures of guided communicative exchanges).

holistic approach:
Originally a concept from the epistemology, holistic management is considered today as an approach, in which a task, project or challenge will be looked at as objectively as possible from all sides and which includes solutions from all dimensions. (eg , a ” worker” will be measured not only by his “productivity”, or a “consumer ” is understood as an important part of a brand).

A person who can inspire and motivate others. One goal of the Inspirator is to allow customers to find their own talents, strengths and expertise and thus support a potential development that comes from within.

start-up check-up:
brief analysis of the current status of a project, start-up or other organization.  Every founder, each new young company faces similar issues, problems and challenges. The risks of wearing “subjective glasses” resides in the enthusiasm of the company ‘s development as well as in the incorrect assessment of problems.

Our check-up is used to determine the current health of the start-ups and to make practical recommendations.

sustainable management

… is, in principle, to operate its core business, both socially and environmentally responsible and economically successful. Products and services should contribute to sustainable development that ensures the livelihood of future generations and contributes to greater social equity between North and South. Founded with a sustainable business model, companies provide good working conditions and fair wages to its employees and the suppliers all over the world. They use natural resources efficiently and avoid environmental or noxious ingredients. Their products and services promote livable conditions and serve the reversal of the globalized economy towards sustainable economic and lifestyles.

(translated from the German “Lexicon of Sustainability”)

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