How private is my online identity?

Wondering today, how much (more) I should present myself publicly online. This is not an easy question for a self-employed professional, who is dependent on networking connections and online showcasing.

On the one hand, there are the privacy advocated, who rightfully criticize the fact, that every digital move leaves traces, which are picked up by spying organizations like the NSA or corporate giants like Google; on the other hand, there are the happy matrix-citizens, who live seemingly oblivious to the fact, that their latest failed attempt of jumping hurdles may only satisfy their own exhibitionistic desire and end up on some […]

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The 3 most important tips for somebody new to social media

A few days ago, I received a message from Klout, asking me: „What are the 3 most imporant pieces of advice, you can give to somebody new to social media?“ The social media influence measuring service is sending me regularly questions. I can increase my „influence score“, when I answer them and consequently feel more important, if I chose to do so. (The pros and cons of this service can be discussed in detail, but in general, I think, that it is mostly a somehow narcissistic app.)

The question I did receive however, is an important one […]

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Who is your core audience ?

In the incredible amount of chatter, running through the digital airwaves, it is always good to pause and ask, why do I write these lines?. Are these lines important enough to share with the world? But then , who is „the world“?

It is an illusion to assume, that „the world“ is reading my lines. Even with thousands of followers or fans, every message-sender will only receive a small percentage of views, likes or shares — and then, did the content really matter?

There are many tips, tools and methods to enhance your social output. One of them reads, to publish many […]

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